T5 Data Center



PARADIGM’s was selected to evaluate an existing building in El Segundo for the possibility of converting an existing office and warehouse area totaling approximately 85,000 gsf into a Data Center, incorporated as the new Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) building. In 2000, a new 34,000 gsf building was constructed east of the original building which was planned to be utilized as a Data Center. In 2009, PARADIGM evaluated the existing warehouse building and determined that the elevations of the warehouse roof along with the minimal seismic resistance would not provide T5 and their potential tenants with the level of enhanced seismic resistance that T5 desires for a Data Center. In 2011, T5 elected to proceed with the razing of the existing warehouse and modification of the existing office and adjacent newer building. The new Data Center (old warehouse space) consists of a newly constructed approximately 70,000 gsf Data Hall and support space, 15,000 gsf of office space in the original office building, and the 34,000 gsf of the UPS building.

The new Data Center incorporates a concrete filled metal deck roof structure designed for maximum flexibility for future mechanical unit installation. Additionally, the building was designed for the future addition of a three (3) story element to the north, and a similar addition to replace the original office space. Exposed Buckling Restrained Braced Frames were incorporated as the lateral force resisting to maximize the architectural impact within the space. Due to the limited capacity of the existing poor soil to support significant building loads, and with the desire for maximum flexibility in the placement of roof mounted mechanical equipment, it was determined the most cost efficient, useful and functional foundation system would consist of “Auger Cast” piles. Extensive strengthening of the existing “newer” building was needed to allow for the level of flexibility and redundancy in the lateral system that T5 desires for their tenants.