Elk Grove Village, ILlinois

PARADIGM was selected to continue providing structural design  for the Edge Connex facility in Elk Grove Village, IL as suburb of Chicago. PARADIGM has designed numerous Data Center Facilities in the Chicago/Elk Grove Village area for a variety of clients. This facility, although our first for Edge in this region, continued our developing relationship with the client and the contractor.

This facility modified an existing warehouse to facilitate a new 132,000 gsf Data Center Facility. Although this particular building is a single story warehouse, due to the extensive mechanical equipment added to the roof, and the need for internal electrical distribution, PARADIGM designed an internal interstitial system along with an above roof mechanical platform. Although the building accepted a significant increase in loads from the mechanical platform, equipment and interstitial framing and electrical infrastructure, PARADIGM was able to incorporate the interstitial elements as part of the lateral force resisting system successfully strengthening the building by adding the interstitial. The ability make this happen was s pivotal success in getting the facility operational under an extremely tight deadline.