Confidential Client

hillsboro, oregon

This high-tech client's first data center facility was constructed specifically and solely for their use. Designed to blend into the landscape and architecture of the progressive City of Hillsboro, this facility neighbors the “Up-streaming Video Project” for Intel designed by PARADIGM several years ago. 

This building consists of a total of 87,800 gsf. The center consists of three main areas: a Data Hall, Office, and an enclosed generator yard and was intentionally designed to allow for a future expansion of those key areas.

The Data Center features the incorporation of an in-door/out-door reinforced concrete shear wall supporting the office space, concurrently acting as a resisting element for wind and seismic loads in the east-west direction.

Adjacent and perpendicular to this wall an integral skylight in the office area adjacent to the Data Hall is located to maximize natural light into the space between the office and Data Hall, while also functioning as part of a building separation between the two structures.

The selected mechanical systems include roof-mounted Air Handlers adapted with an integrated selected cooling system. The data floor incorporates “Hot Isle Containment” for the return air, requiring a relatively sophisticated interstitial level to support the containment structure, lighting, mechanical ductwork and conduits.