Genentech, Building 27

south san francisco, california

Genetech Building 27_2.jpg

As part of PARADIGM’s ongoing service to Genentech's building portfolio, PARADIGM was selected as the structural engineer to perform the seismic upgrade to Building 27. PARADIGM was also selected to evaluate and strengthen over 20 additional building facilities on the South San Francisco campus. 

Building 27

As the original construction for Building 27 was completed in the late 1970’s it was in dire need of seismic rehabilitation. Our efforts for this 102, 200 gsf building consisted of the strengthening of the existing roof to support new superimposed loads required for this building.

Additionally, the building became the staging area for all of the Capital Improvement Equipment prior to being installed throughout the campus. As such, the seismic upgrade performed enhance the building to a level similar to an emergency facility.

The structural retrofit consisted of the addition of vertical braced frames, new collectors, out of plane anchorage as well as the strengthening of some of the exterior wall panels due to increased performance demands. This strengthening took the form of shotcrete to the inside surfaces of discrete wall elements.




200 Oyster Point Boulevard
After the successful design of the first building for Chamberlin Associates, Paradigm was selected as the structural engineer for the adjacent 90,000 gsf three story building. 200 Oyster Point Boulevard was completed in late 2009.