Confidential Client

Greenfield, california

Mesh bottom greenhouses.JPG

PARADIGM was selected to design over 600,000 gsf of cannabis greenhouse spaces for this confidential client. Lot 1 was completed in early March 2017. This project sits on approximately 15 acres and encompasses eight, 12,000 gsf of greenhouse facilities, and a 45,000 gsf R&D laboratory, totaling 141,000 gsf and includes a clean room and packaging center. Design for Lot 2 was completed in April 2017. This project sits on approximately 10 acres and encompasses fourteen, 14,000 gsf of greenhouses with dedicated head houses for each. Included on this lot is a designed single-story 13,000 gsf. administration and greenhouse support building.

PARADIGM is currently in design for the approximately 20 acre site that will encompass twelve, 31,500 gsf cannabis greenhouse facilities and a 40,000 gsf. packaging and administrative offices. This site will total 418,000 gsf These greenhouses are the main "fields" for crop production along with packaging within the R&D building.