Bayer CropScience

West Sacramento, california

Bayer CropScience acquired the former Affymetrix silicon chip manufacturing facility in West Sacramento, California with the goal of converting it into a global center for agricultural research and development. This 133,000 gsf. facility was designed to house agricultural biologic research, including: QA/QC labs, Chemistry Labs, Formulations and Fermentation Labs and a centralized Glass Wash and Media Prep area. The program also includes a refresh of the public and common use areas, expansive Vegetable Seeds Division and a Pilot Plant.

PARADIGM'S role was to seismically upgrade the existing building while also adding a partial mezzanine in two locations. The upgrades consisted of the addition of special concentric braced frames delivering the lateral wind and seismic loads up to the roof where necessary and directly down to the foundation when possible. With the addition of the easterly mezzanine, it was determined the client desired to install new relatively large openings in existing tilt up concrete wall panels. It was necessary to strengthen the panels to resist out of plane loads while adding a shotcrete wall.

The project was completed on-time and on budget, and the team was requested to participate in Phase II design and completion of Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds division, including 27,000 gsf of greenhouse research and development space. 


* 2015 DBIA Western Region Excellence Award in Science and  Technology Award Recipient