VA Palo Alto Health Services

menlo park, california

Domicillary HVRP & 1st Step, B347 and B349-B352 Residential Rehabilitation, Menlo Park Division

The Menlo Park Division offers an extensive range of outpatient, residential and inpatient mental health and extended care services, including 400+ patient beds supporting homelessness prevention and recovery programs, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction therapy and various extended care services. 

PARADIGM provided new design for the 65,000 gsf. Domicillary Unit, consisting of a cafeteria, community services center, and residential rooms with nurse stations; and 4 buildings consisting of two-story steel framed residential buildings in an “L” shaped configuration. Each floor plate is approximately 22,500 square feet for approximately 45,000 gsf. per building. The residential units consist of single residential rooms, group gathering spaces and nurse station at the building “L”.