George & Cynthia Miller Wellness Center

martinez, california



This 10,000 gsf. OSHPD 3 family clinic offers integrated behavioral and physical health care for adults and children. This highly used facility of over 70,000 outpatient visits annually, was carefully designed with distinct adult and children’s wings programmed to enable sharing of the laboratories, medical records storage, and intricate support spaces, while maintaining high security and separation of reception and examination rooms. 

PARADIGM provided new design for the overall single-story core and shell structure and tenant improvement required of design. The single-story structure captures the look and feel of the existing campus and integrates into the existing site to provide a comprehensive care environment. The facility offers primary care, pediatrics, group medical visits and same-day appointments. Behavioral health services at  the site include psychiatry, short-term individual and family therapy, outpatient care for substance abuse, support groups and crisis management and referral into long-term treatment for children and adults.