Niles District Veterans Memorial Building

Fremont, california

Historic renovations and restoration projects require careful examination of existing construction. In addition, comprehensive evaluations are necessary to identify structural and seismic deficiencies as well as methods of repair and strengthening. Close monitoring of the implementation during construction is mandatory.

This 1929 vintage building designed by Henry Meyers was constructed from hollow clay tiles in the early California mission architectural style. The very close proximity of the structure to the Hayward fault, coupled with antiquated construction methods and high sentimental value of the building in the surrounding community, presented significant seismic strengthening challenges.

The desire to preserve a sizable amount of the building’s interior finishes and exterior appearance led to an innovative retrofit approach in which a 4” width of masonry was removed around the perimeter of the building. This provided space for the strengthening scheme. A new stucco finish was then applied to match the memorial’s original appearance, thus maintaining the original integrity of the building’s aesthetics.