Treasure Island Naval Station, Hangars 1 & 2 

San Francisco, CAlifornia


Hangar Building 2, Structural Upgrade and Functional Renovation

Building 2 is a a steel framed hangar building which was constructed for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition and remodeled and expanded numerous times to include interior and exterior wood and steel frame structures. Key Principals of PARADIGM developed strengthening solutions to upgrade the main hangar structure and the interior and exterior appendages to resist the seismic force levels prescribed by the 1988 Uniform Building Code. This upgrade was integrated with a complete functional remodel of the building spaces together with earthquake damage repairs and maintenance work such as re-roofing. 

Hangar Building 3, EQ Repairs and Seismic Retrofit

Repairs of damage caused by the Loma Prieta earthquake as well as deterioration due to long term use to this 150,000 gsf structure built in 1938 for the Golden Gate International Exposition and remodeled/expanded numerous times since to include interior and exterior wood frame structures; the building currently serves as a naval training facility. 

Serving as the prime design professional, key Principals of PARADIGM directed a team of A/M/E consultants and developed repair solutions, addressing damage to steel truss members, slab-on-grade vertical offsets due to liquefaction, and split timber braced frame walls. Also included were mitigation of seismic life safety hazards, involving anchorage/ bracing of nonstructural items and removal/replacement of wood framed structures with inadequate vertical and/or lateral load carrying capacity.  

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