Juan at play

Juan is an advent cyclists and can be found around the Bay Area biking to new heights or enjoying the company of friends and families at local eateries. Juan is also a photographer who enjoys taking shots of the Bay Area's great architecture and natural beauty.  

Juan Jimenez

cad manager

"PARADIGM is composed of a creative and diligent team striving for excellence in servicing their client's needs."

Juan excels in problem solving and building inspiration through the good people he meets. He is alike to the absurd in the works of "The Myth of Sisyphus" and engages with Rule #5.


Juan at work

Education and Professional Associations

  • B.A., Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

  • A.A., Architecture, Chabot Community College

  • A.S., Construction Management, Ventura College


  • CAD

  • BIM/3D Modeling

  • Adobe Creative Suite